Dog Car Seat Belt
Dog Car Seat Belt
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Dog Car Seat Belt

Bark + Ride
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Did you know it is an offense to have your dog in the front or back of your vehicle without a safety belt if not in a crate?

Because of this, we want you to take the safety of your dog as seriously to avoid a hefty fine.

Make sure your dog is secure with Bark + Ride’s Drive Safe Dog Seat Belt which has been Safety Tested up to 900kg Force.

With Swivel Carabiner for NO tangles and fully adjustable for any size of Dog for in the front or back of any type of vehicle.

Compatible with any good quality dog harness and with a universal Seat Belt clip.

Directions for use:
To attach, clip the relevant seatbelt latch plate into the seatbelt clip, then clip the carabiner onto the D-ring of your dogs harness.
Adjust the straps allowing your dog enough room to sit comfortably whilst keeping them close to the seat to prevent excessive movement whilst in the car.

Please Note:
This product is suitable for your pet’s preferences, chewing habits and size, remembering that no item is completely indestructible.
Seek immediate veterinary attention if any material is ingested.
Never leave your pet unattended in a car at any time.
This restraint must be used in conjunction with a dog harness.
Car restraints are an important safety attachment that improves traveling safety for you and your pet.
It does not guarantee safety in the circumstances of an accident.
Intended for dogs only.