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Beef Hide

Ethically Raised
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Air Dried Beef Hide Dog Chews are made using only regeneratively sourced British Beef from animals that are 100% grass-fed.

These chews are brilliant as they would have otherwise gone to waste.

  • Great for cleaning teeth and keeping them occupied.
  • Completely free from chemicals and only cleaned with water. 
  • Free from bacteria and lab tested. 

All Ethically Raised Beef is from farms that feed only grass and herbs that help regenerate soils and sequesters carbon.

Ethically Raised is the first and only raw dog food company certified by A Greener World and Pasture for Life.

  • Biologically appropriate.
  • Highest Animal Welfare Certified. 
  • 100% British AGW Beef Liver.  
  • Ultra low carbon.
  • Beyond organic.
  • Beyond sustainable.
  • Chemical Free.
  • Natural Dental Chew.
  • High Protein & Low Fat. 

Suitable for Puppies from 12 weeks old.

Grass Fed Beef: Hide with hair.