Pasture Raised Chicken Necks (Typically 500g)

Pasture Raised Chicken Necks (Typically 500g)

Ethically Raised
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Pasture Raised Chicken Necks are from regeneratively sourced British Chickens that live on pasture their entire lives.

Ethically Raised chicken is properly free range and are against Factory Farming that uses unnatural rapid-growing breeds and instead we source from farmers that allow their birds to mature more naturally, normally two or three times longer. 

This means that birds are less likely to be carrying Campylobacter than their factory-farmed counterparts because the birds have more time to fight off the bacteria.  

All birds are free to express natural behaviours in a stress-free environment. Our Chickens have been certified to have the highest animal welfare standards in the world by AGW (A Greener World).

All of Chicken is from farms that practice Regenerative Agricultural to help regenerate soils and sequester carbon. 

Ethically Raised is the first and only raw dog food company certified by A Greener World and Pasture for Life.

  • Biologically appropriate.
  • Highest Animal Welfare Certified. 
  • 100% British AGW Chicken Feet.  
  • Ultra-low carbon.
  • Beyond organic.
  • Beyond sustainable.

Pasture Raised Chicken: Necks