Venison Hide Chew (85g)

Venison Hide Chew (85g)

Green & Wilds
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Venison Hide Chews are 100% natural, just air dried to make a satisfying chew for small to medium dogs.

Tougher than Green & Wilds other venison chews but still healthy and totally Deerlicious!

This product has Green and Wilds 100% 1 Ingredient Award of specialness! With absolutely nothing added, these treats are literally what they say they are - simple, honest and 100% pure!

  • High in protein for strong muscles and joints.
  • Full of B vitamins, iron and zinc.
  • No chemicals or nasties.
  • Wild herds.
  • 100% venison hide.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Great for dog dental hygiene.

Suitable from 3 months old.

This is a complementary treat for your dog as part of a healthy, balanced diet. We recommend no more than 1 - 3 treats per day, depending on the size of your dog. Always ensure your pet has plenty of fresh drinking water available. Never leave your dog unattended with any type of chew.

100% Venison Hide.

Analytical Constituents:
Raw Protein: 75.1%, Fat: 8.7%, Ash: 3.69%, Fibre >2%, Moisture: 12%