Lamb & Parsley Training Treats (80g)

Lamb & Parsley Training Treats (80g)

Eden Holistic Pet Foods
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 Lamb can help build, heal and maintain body tissue, as well as protect our dog's immune systems. Parsley has anti-inflammatory properties and can freshen your dog's breath. Eden's naturally air-dried process produces a soft and tasty treat whilst retaining all its natural nutrients. These Tasty Triangle Training Treats are made containing a single source of protein which provides gentler digestion whilst also delivering a delicious reward. So irresistible that your pet can't help but be on their best behaviour.

Eden's Lamb & Parsley Training Treats are the perfect reward for good behaviour. Boasting a 75% meat content with the addition of vegetables and botanicals making them completely irresistible to your dog.

Eden treats have been gently air-dried to retain all of their natural nutrients and flavour. The treats are put on a bespoke drying system which slowly and carefully starts to remove the moisture from the raw ingredients. This produces a soft and succulent treat that is extremely pliable, allowing them to be broken into smaller pieces to optimise the output of every training session.

Eden's Tasty Triangle Training Treats offer recognition of good behaviour, that is so tasty and desirable that simple essential commands can be mastered with ease.

Complementary Pet Treats for dogs from 8 weeks.

Be Treat wise, feed 4-5 pieces as part of a balanced diet.

Lamb 75%, vegetable glycerol, sweet potato, potato, parsley 2%.

Analytical Constituents:
Crude Protein 20.5%,Crude Fat 19.4%, Crude Fibre 2%, Crude Ash 3.6%, Moisture 19%.

Nutritional Additives:
Trace Elements