Paleo Plus Turkey and Fish (500g)
Paleo Plus Turkey and Fish (500g)
Paleo Plus Turkey and Fish (500g)
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Paleo Plus Turkey and Fish (500g)

Paleo Ridge
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Paleo Plus Turkey and Fish is a low-fat, Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) with the addition of Paleo Ridge Berry Good mix of superfoods. Suitable for all life stages including puppies and seniors, this product is great for fussy dogs, those with allergies and sensitive tummies.

Key Benefits:

  • Great for fussy dogs.
  • Grain Free.
  • Low in fat.
  • Great for sensitive tummies.
  • Suitable for puppies.
  • Suitable for seniors.
  • Recyclable and Compostable.

All ingredients have been selected from wild and/or sustainable and ethical sources. The fish used in this product is seasonal and could contain one of the following species: Herring, Sprats, Sardines, Mackerel or Seabass. All sustainably sourced from a UK supplier with full traceability. Paleo Ridge turkey is free to roam, outdoor-reared, in extremely high-welfare conditions. The beef components in this product is primarily grass fed and all outdoor reared.

A Natural and Balanced Diet for your Dog.

With this product Paleo Ridge wanted to make a lean but highly nutritious option for your dog. To achieve this we have predominantly used turkey meat, with the skin removed, turkey heart and fish.

Fish heads are very meaty, particularly the larger variety, but more importantly, Paleo Ridge are firm believers in the organotherapy principle for dogs. Dogs need organs like we need green veg and therefore we’re happy to include vital organs such as eyes (a source of lutein and zeaxanthin, vital for eye function) and brains (high in omega 3 DHA and B complex, vital for brain function).

Paleo Ridge also include a great range of grass-fed beef organ content including:

  • Liver.
  • Kidney.
  • Spleen.
  • Lung.
  • Heart.

The addition of Paleo Ridge Berry Good Mix ensures this lean food keeps your dog in the finest fettle.

Keeping Your Dog Happy and Healthy.

This minced recipe is complete to FEDIAF standards with the addition of a range of superfoods including:

  • Kale.
  • Broccoli.
  • Blackberries.
  • Blueberries.
  • Hemp Seed Powder.
  • Seaweed.
  • Green Lipped Mussel.

This product is particularly digestible with increased bio-availably of essential nutrients leading to healthier dogs. Paleo Plus Turkey and Fish is grain-free with no artificial additives making this a hypoallergenic product.

Turkey, Fish, Beef, Superfoods (Berry Good Mix).

Nutritional Analysis:
Per 100g as fed
Protein 17.0, Fat 5.0, Moisture 76.0, Fibre 0.1, Ash 1.02, Calcium 0.33, Phosphorus 0.29.
Kcal 123.

Product Packaging:
Measurements: (Top) 125 x 118 x 64mm (Bottom) 110 x 90 x 64mm.

All product packaging is either compostable, biodegradable or recyclable (excludes some bagged items).

Paleo Ridge, care about the safety and health of our customers, from humans to dogs, we do everything we can to ensure the safe feeding of raw food.
A common question asked is, 'is there any risk to my health if my dog eats raw food and then licks my face?'. There is always a risk if your dog licks your face whether they are raw fed or not.
Dogs mouths are not the cleanest of places especially as they lick all sorts outside including dirty puddles, rubbish and other animals poop! To answer this question, we advise against your dog licking your face at any point, if possible.
It may seem obvious, but raw food must be treated just as any other raw meat: with care. Below are some great hygiene tips you can use to ensure you're being as safe and hygiene conscious as possible.

How to Safely Handle Raw Food:

  • Always use separate utensils for raw dog food.
  • Defrost all meat in a container in the fridge, do not defrost in a warm environment.
  • Keep raw food in a sealed container at the bottom of the fridge.
  • Open and dispose of packaging carefully.
  • Wear food safe gloves when handling raw dog food.
  • Wash hands thoroughly before and after handling.
  • Clean all work surfaces and utensils after use.
  • Wash your dogs bowl after every use.
  • Store in a freezer at -18 degrees.
  • Once defrosted, use within 3 days.
  • Do not refreeze food once fully defrosted.