Classic Lamb Bone Broth (400ml)

Classic Lamb Bone Broth (400ml)

Paleo Ridge
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Paleo Ridge's Classic Lamb Bone Broth is full of minerals and vitamins, along with amino acids and fatty acids to keep pets healthy. We use only the finest cuts of bones to pressure cook this high-protein, gelatine and collagen-rich broth.

Contains Apple Cider Vinegar.

Key Benefits:

  • Great for fussy dogs.
  • Grain free.
  • Low in fat.
  • Great For Sensitive Tummies. 
  • Single Protein Meal.
  • Recyclable Packaging. 
  • Great for Dogs & Cats. 
  • Suitable for all Life Stages. 
  • High in Lamb.
  • Great for Gut Health. 

This product is a complementary feed that should be fed as part of a balanced diet. The broth can be served warm or cold.

Paleo Ridge’s Classic Lamb bone broth is packed with essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and fatty acids to support your pet's health. We make this high-protein broth using only the best cuts of bones, cooked using pressure to preserve the gelatine and collagen.

Lamb bones are packed full of calcium, phosphorous, zinc and potassium, they are also a great source of Vitamins B6 and B12.

This product is made using lamb bone, filtered water and apple cider vinegar.

Responsibly Sourced Bone Broth for Dogs.
Paleo Ridge only use antibiotic and hormone-free bones from the UK in the manufacturing of all bones. The animals we source our meats from are raised in high-welfare environments to guarantee the highest ethical and quality standards.

What are the benefits of bone broth for dogs?
Bone broth is known to possess numerous health advantages, including reducing inflammation, building up bones, enhancing gut and skin health, and aiding digestion. It is also recommended for pets with delicate stomachs as the gelatine and amino acids in the broth can assist in promoting healthy bowel movements.

Bone broth can help to improve:

  • Digestion: Bone broth is packed with gelatin, a substance that aids in promoting digestive wellbeing. It is also full of amino acids, which help break down food, soothe the intestines, and reduce inflammation.
  • Joint Health: Bone broth is rich in compounds such as glucosamine and chondroitin that may help lessen inflammation and promote joint health.
  • Immune System: The gelatin in bone broth can help support a healthy immune system by providing essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Skin and Coat: Bone broth is also high in collagen, which helps to keep skin, nails, and fur healthy.
  • Healthy Teeth and Bones: Bone broth contains calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals that help to keep teeth and bones strong.
  • Helps the Liver Detox: Bone broth contains the amino acid glycine, which helps the liver detox to the best of its ability.

How do you feed bone broth to dogs?
This treat product is a complementary feed that should be fed as part of a balanced diet.

It is best to feed bone broth to dogs by mixing it with their regular food. Start by adding a small amount of broth to their food and gradually increasing the amount until they are used to it. You can also give them bone broth as a treat, by pouring it into a bowl or an ice cube tray and freezing it.

Ingredients: Lamb

Nutritional Analysis:
Per 100g as fed.
Moisture 95%, Protein 4.5g, Fat <0.5g, Ash 0.0g, Fibre 1.0g.

Always supervise your pet when feeding and provide plenty of fresh drinking water.

Feeding guide (based on dog size):

  • 2.25kg – 10kg = 30g – 50g of broth.
  • 10kg – 25kg = 50g – 100g of broth.
  • 25kg – 50kg = 100g – 150g of broth.