Pumpkin Powder - Natural Puree Topper for Dogs

Pumpkin Powder - Natural Puree Topper for Dogs

Hackney Dog House
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Is your pup's digestive health on top of your priority list? Pumpkin Powder is the superfood topper that turns mealtime into a nutritiously enriching time – improving your dog's vitality from the inside out!

Digestive Support Like No Other

With our 100% Pumpkin Pulp Powder, you're providing your dog with a potent natural prebiotic. Digestive Support becomes effortless as the high-fiber pumpkin aids digestion and works wonders in soothing sensitive stomachs. Say hello to regular, firm poops and goodbye to digestive discomfort!

Packed with Essential Nutrients

Pumpkin isn't just about smooth digestion. It's also a nutrient powerhouse brimming with Vitamins C & E, Alpha & Beta Carotenes, and essential minerals like Potassium & Magnesium.  Pumpkin Powder ensures your pet is on a path to optimal health with every sprinkle.

A Taste Dogs Adore

Even the fussiest eaters are unable to resist Hackney Dog House delicious Pumpkin Powder. Easy to serve – sprinkle it dry for a crunchy treat or mix with water to create a delectable puree. Ideal for sneaking in essential vitamins into every bite!

One Ingredient: Pure Goodness

We take pride in simplicity and transparency, which is why Hackney Dog House Pumpkin Powder has just one ingredient – 100% pure pumpkin pulp, lovingly air-dried and ground to perfection to lock in its goodness. No additives, just pure pumpkin bliss.

Perfect Serving Every Time

Catering to dogs of all sizes:

  • Small dogs : 1.5 tsp
  • Medium dogs : 3 tsp
  • Large dogs : 4.5 tsp
  • XL dogs : 6 tsp

Whether it's once daily or during times of digestive distress, Hackney Dog HousePumpkin Powder can be a constant in your dog's diet.

Nature's Best For Your Pet

Opt for the pure Pumpkin Puree Powder, or elevate digestive health further with Hackney Dog House Pumpkin + Probiotic Powder. Both promise to be delightful additions to any diet, making them perfect companions to raw food plans or traditional diets alike.

Longer Lasting & Convenient

This container packs a punch with longevity, offering a 1 year+ shelf life, and is more convenient and longer lasting than canned options – no refrigeration required after opening!

Setting The Bar High

We're setting benchmarks with human-grade ingredients and production in UK food facilities, upholding standards that elevate this beyond the average pet product. This is the kind of quality and safety you'd demand for your own meals, because we believe your dog deserves nothing less.

Experience the Difference

Bring home the Pumpkin Powder and witness your dog's health and taste buds come alive. This is the change that leads to happier dogs and delighted owners. Invest in your pet's well-being today!

Say goodbye to digestive woes and usher in an era of wellness and flavourful joy!