Rùn’s  Adult Beef & Barley Working Dog (12.5kg)

Rùn’s Adult Beef & Barley Working Dog (12.5kg)

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 Rùn’s 'Working Dog' Adult Beef & Barley recipe has been carefully formulated to provide the best possible nutrition for Adult Working & Active dogs.

This recipe uses specially selected 'slow energy release' grains, to keep your dog fit and focused all day long.  As with our other adult recipes, Rùn’s Beef & Barley uses single-source-animal-proteins, providing a delicious product that’s ideal for sensitive tummies.  We don’t use any hidden oils/fats, so you won’t find any Chicken, Fish, or Turkey lurking in Rùn’s Beef recipe!

With perfectly tailored Crude Protein and fat levels, great care has gone into choosing the perfect balance of animal and plant proteins. Rùn’s wonderful nutritionist uses the very latest scientific research in all of her recipe formulations.

How to get the most out of your 'Working Dog' cold pressed dog food:

  • Switching from another brand or food type? Don’t rush. Tummies need a little time to get used to all the natural and yummy ingredients.  10-14 days to switch is ideal.
  • Don’t worry if your dog seems hungrier between meals at the start. It’s because our food won’t expand in their tummies, which is a good thing. It’ll settle as they adjust to their healthy, new diet.
  • Feed your way – dry or moist. Rùn’s dogs love a little warm water stirred in! 
  • Are you raw feeding or thinking of trying it? Cold pressed food is totally compatible with raw.
  • Got a good dog? Well of course you do!!  Why not weigh out some dust from the bottom of the bag and make a lovely gravy with a little warm water – such a treat. 
  • Store in a cool dry place. And ensure fresh, clean drinking water is available at all times. 

Beef Protein Meal 25% Barley 25%, Pea 25%, Oats 12%, Sunflower Oil 7%, Beet Pulp, Yeasts and parts thereof (including Mannanoligosaccharides; Prebiotic MOS), Dried Carrot, Carnitine, Amino Acids (DL Methionine), Glucosamine (400 mg/kg), Chondroitin (300mg/kg), Yucca Shidigera, Chicory Root Extract (as a source of Prebiotic Fructo-oligosaccharides and Inulin), Natural Antioxidants (mix of Vitamin E and Rosemary Extracts). 

Analytical constituents:
Crude Protein 24%, Crude Fat 11%, Crude Fibre 4.5%, Raw Ash 11%,  Moisture 10%, Calcium 1.5%,  Phosphorus 0.9%

Calcium Iodate Anhydrous (1.5mg/kg), Sodium Selenite (0.1mg/kg), Iron (II) Sulphate Monohydrate (80mg/kg), Copper (II) Sulphate Pentahydrate (8mg/kg), Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate (100mg/kg), Manganous Sulphate Monohydrate (10mg/kg).

Vitamin A - Retinyl Acetate (15000 IU/kg), Vitamin D3-Cholecalciferol (1400 IU/kg), Vitamin E-Alpha Tocopherol Acetate, Vitamin B1, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Niacin, Calcium Pantothenate, Folic Acid, Biotin (0.15mg/kg), Vitamin C, Choline Chloride.