WowDog Honey and Oat Mini Bites

WowDog Honey and Oat Mini Bites

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The WowDog Mini Bites were developed to cater for smaller customers and despite the treat’s smaller size, they still contain all of the flavour and natural ingredients of the standard size of treats. 
The Mini Bites are also ideal to use as a reward when you are training your pooch – who wouldn’t sit for one of these?!

WowDog treats are used with the highest quality, natural, human friendly ingredients which they try to source locally from within the North East of Scotland.

Honey Oat Bones contain the following:
Hamlyn’s of Scotland Oat Flour, Lactose-Free Milk, Honey, Marshalls Farm Shop Free-Range Eggs, Ola Rapeseed Oil, Bicarbonate of Soda.

Free From:
Due to the fact that WowDog treats contain carefully selected, simple, high quality ingredients, they are very gentle on sensitive tummies.  

The Honey Oat Bones are free from the following:
Wheat, Lactose, Soy, Meat, Salt.

Allergen Advice:
Cereals containing gluten, Eggs.